radiation hardened software defined radio

MERRIMACK, NH – BAE Systems delivered its first shipment of next generation radiation hardened software defined radio stations (SDR), activated by your computer RAD5545 to Lockheed Martin Space. The radio provides spacecraft with the productivity, availability, reliability and on-board signal processing capacity needed to support future space missions, from planetary exploration to communications, national security, surveillance and weather missions.

BAE Systems’ software-defined radio is anchored to the RAD5545 single-board computer (SBC), providing the state-of-the-art common-core quad-core processing solution available today to deal with future threats on various missions. The system uses modular and standard building blocks, including the SpaceVPX chassis and electrical connectors on the rear board, Serial RapidIO and Spacewire interfaces, as well as a fully supported expansion port for a user interface card.

BAE Systems » Next-generation software, defined around the RAD5545 computer, represents a significant advance in highly reliable reconfigurable electronic systems. Increased processing power and radiation-hardened design combination for the product line, which can allow for increased mission flexibility.

The RAD5545 SBC provides exponential improvements in size, speed and energy efficiency over its single-board PCs. BAE Systems also offers a suite of radiation-hardened Serial RapidIO network products that complement the RAD5545 SBC and allow the user to efficiently manage and route data across a system. Products include RADNET 1848-PS, 18-port RapidIO packet switch, RADNET 1616-XP Crosspoint, protocol agnostic SerDes signal circuit and replicator switch, and RADNET SRIO-EP, serial RapidIO endpoint.

The RAD5545 SDR was developed at BAE Systems’ facilities in Merrymack, New York and Manasas, Virginia, and is manufactured in Manasas.