FPGA mezzanine card for embedded computing in radar, electronic warfare (EW), and SATCOM introduced by Abaco

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Abaco Systems in Huntsville, Alabama, presents a mezzanine map (FMC) with a programmable portal array (FPGA) for direct spectrum conversion applications such as radar, sonar, software radio and ultra-wideband digital satellite receivers. electronic warfare (EW), medical equipment and test equipment.

The FPGA mezzanine card offers high analog sampling rates, improved signal-to-noise ratio, and improved synchronization processes on many boards compared to earlier generations of these cards.

Radar, EW and similar systems designers can integrate the FMC165 with any FMC or FMC Plus-compatible media in an air-cooled configuration and in air-cooled or conductive cooling with Abaco FPGA carrier cards.

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This card controls the source of the watch via serial communication buses and is equipped with power supply and temperature monitoring. This offers several shutdown modes to turn off unused features to reduce power consumption.

FMC165 extends the life cycle of the existing FMC160 product with a technological upgrade for applications such as radar and electronic warfare (EW). The addition of the Texas Instruments ADC32RF4x A / D Converter can increase the sampling rate and dynamic range to improve analog input capabilities.

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