G/ATOR undergoes interoperability tests – Digital Battlespace

AN / TPS-80 G / ATOR radar system, depicted in 2019 at the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station, Japan. (Photo: USMC / Lance Cpl Leo Amaro)

Naval Surface Warfare Center experts gain practical experience with AN / TPS-80 in integrated test assessments.

The US Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division announced on April 8 that it has completed a five-week integrated test assessment of Northrop Grumman AN / TPS-80 Ground / Air Oriented Radar (G / ATOR) system.

The researchers performed interoperability tests with the G / ATOR system, first preparing by testing the functionality of the team’s infrastructure, including power availability, radar data recording capabilities, and data analysis capabilities.

The G / ATOR team at Dahlgren now plans to expand support for the system’s software capabilities through additional integrated test ratings.

G / ATOR is designed to detect low-visibility targets with low radar cross-section such as missiles, artillery, mortars, cruise missiles and UAVs.

According to Shephard Defense Insight, the system uses AESA and can perform tasks ranging from air surveillance to air traffic control.

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