HFCL Limited announces launch of its TIP OpenWiFi Compliant Access Points ready for PM-WANI deployments

HFCL also collaborates with several leading the main solution providers to offer I External and internal TIP access points compatible with OpenWiFi for PM-WANI implementation. PM – WANI is a public Wi-Fi project of the Government of India aimed at deploying millions of Wi-Fi hotspots and providing high-speed internet at affordable prices for everyone in the country. Relying on its locally developed secure Wi-Fi solutions, together with the integration of TIP OpenWiFi, HFCL aims to create a stable and interoperable Wi-Fi network integrated with a portal for independent countries and AAA solutions for use and benefit of users throughout country.

VVDN Technologies, a leading product engineering and manufacturing company, is HFCL’s preferred technology manufacturing partner for Import India all Wi-Fi and unlicensed HFCL radio solutions.

HFCL strongly believes that the use of TIP OpenWiFi, together with the government of India BharatNet ‘s ambitious initiative would increase broadband penetration in every part of India.

“Our vision for connecting unconnected was further enhanced with TIP OpenWiFi compliance for our IO internal and external access points. This will allow us to expand our reach worldwide and offer open source Wi-Fi solutions compatible with other TIP-compliant products, thus supporting faster, cost-effective and power-up and deployment. “, said Mr. Mahendra nahata, Managing Director, HFCL Limited.

“To be successful, the true separation of network technologies requires a number of approaches and form factors provided by a number of industrial providers. On behalf of TIP, we are excited that HFCL is a member of the TIP OpenWiFi ecosystem,” he said. David Hutton, Chief Engineer, TIP.

About HFCL:

HFCL Limited (formerly Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited) is a leading technology company engaged in the production of high quality transmission and access equipment, optical fibers, optical fibers (OFC) and specializes in building a modern communication network for telecommunications service providers. , railways, defense projects, smart city and surveillance.

The company has modern facilities for the production of optical fibers and optical cables in Hyderabad, Optical fiber production plant in Goa and in its subsidiary, i.e. HTL Limited on Chennai together with the FRP Rod production facility in its subsidiary in Hosur. It also has a facility for the production of telecommunications equipment in Solan.

The company’s in-house research excellence center, located in Gurgaon and Bengaluru, along with invested research and development houses and other associates in various locations in India and overseas innovations in a futuristic range of technology products and solutions. Some of the newly developed products through research and development are Wi-Fi systems, unlicensed radio tapes, switches, electronic fuses, electro-optical devices, cloud management systems and video management systems. A set of products is being developed, which includes software-defined radios, routers, PONs, small and macro 5G cells, intelligent antenna systems and ground-based surveillance radars.

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About the telecommunication infrastructure project

The Telecommunications Infrastructure Project (TIP) is a global community of companies and organizations that drive infrastructure solutions to improve global connectivity. Half of the world’s population is not yet connected to the Internet, and for those who are, connectivity is often insufficient. This limits access to many consumer and commercial benefits provided by the Internet, thus affecting global GDP growth. The lack of flexibility in current solutions – exacerbated by the limited choice of technology providers – challenges operators to build and upgrade networks effectively. Founded in 2016, TIP is a community of diverse actors that includes hundreds of companies – from service providers and technology partners, to system integrators and other connectivity stakeholders. We work together to develop, test and implement open, disaggregated and standards-based solutions that provide the high-quality connectivity the world needs – now and in the decades to come.

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