Per Vices Releases Cyan EC SDR

By providing additional digital circuits that are sequentially superimposed in a single physical channel, the computational complexity required to address wide frequency bands is further reduced and allows multiple cores to be processed in a single host system or in multiple host systems simultaneously.

“We are pleased that customers have already used and integrated our platform into their products. The additional processing capability provided by this option allows our customers to improve productivity and deploy more advanced applications using existing computing resources. I believe that Cyan EC is the largest number of software-defined radio channels available on the market. “- Victor Volesen, CEO of Per Vices Corporation.

The Cyan EC product option enables engineers and system integrators to realize the benefits of both the highest bandwidth SDR and more independent channels to alleviate the complexity of processing large amounts of data by separating them. on separate channels. This further helps to achieve better SFDR, sensitivity and SNR, while continuing to offer an SDR solution with the highest performance.

Combining this product option with the already best-performing SDRs on the market allows Cyan EC to benefit engineers and integrators in a variety of markets, including radar systems, GNSS / GPS, MRI receivers and exciters, spectrum monitoring, and testing. and measurement.

To learn more about the new offer from Per Vices, as well as their other products, visit or email [email protected].

For Per Vices

Per Vices is an industry leader in the development and implementation of high-performance software-defined radio platforms with the highest bandwidth and customer-oriented projects. Today, Per Vices supports a wide variety of applications in defense, civil, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, low latency networks, global positioning (GNSS / GPS), radar, testing and measurement, spectrum monitoring and the broadcasting and wireless control industries. . Offering cost-effective commodity products as well as rapid custom development for specific customer requirements, Per Vices leads the market for commercially available radios and is ranked among the top 100 Canadian defense companies for 2021.

SOURCE Per Vices Corporation

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