Index Ventures raises $3.1 billion in new funds

BERLIN (Reuters) – Index Ventures said on Thursday it had raised $ 3.1 billion from investors, boosting its operations amid a record boom in venture capital funding after raising $ 2 billion last year.

Index said it would set aside $ 900 million of the money raised for early-stage investments and $ 2 billion for growth bets, in addition to $ 200 million to fund seeds that have already been announced.

The London-based Index, founded in 1996, supports several companies that have recently gone public, including Deliveroo, Trustpilot, Wise, Roblox and Confluent.

He is also investing in a stock trading application Robinhood, which has announced its intention to sail to New York and is seeking a valuation of $ 35 billion.

(Report by Douglas Buswin, edited by Kirsty Knoll)