KPIT to boost investments towards software-defined vehicle solutions, Auto News, ET Auto

However, KPIT Technologies did not disclose the financial details of its investment plan.
However, KPIT Technologies did not disclose the financial details of its investment plan.

KPIT Technologies Ltd, an independent partner for the development and integration of software for the automotive industry and mobility industry, said on Monday that it would make significant investments with a special focus on “middleware solutions” – a type of vehicle operating system. This is in line with the vision to accelerate the transformation of customers into software-defined vehicles in both the passenger and commercial vehicle segments, the statement said.

However, KPIT Technologies did not disclose the financial details of its investment plan.

The company noted that the experience of vehicle customers is deeply driven by software and that there is a growing need for hardware-software separation and OEM manufacturers (original equipment manufacturers) to develop, implement and update software solutions faster throughout the car’s life cycle.

It says the automotive ecosystem is accelerating efforts to build a robust and reliable software platform that can host a variety of areas such as Autonomous Control / ADAS, Digital Cockpit, Electric Drive and Body Control Module.

“KPIT intends to develop and improve technology and infrastructure to assist OEMs and first tiers in this mega-transformation of vehicle architecture,” the statement said.

It will meet emerging challenges through software integration solutions, architecture consulting, platform component integration, integrated tools and CI / CT / CD (continuous integration / continuous testing / continuous delivery) infrastructure to help OEMs to speed up the bonding of different components together, the statement added.

“The process of developing the way the software is written, tested and implemented in vehicles will change significantly and will include globally deployed teams and newer safety standards in the field of cybersecurity and autonomous vehicle safety. The investment will continue to be stimulated in the close team to develop concrete solutions and opportunities to meet these changing needs, “KPIT said.

KPIT currently offers a wide range of technical solutions and has experience in supporting several production programs for its mobility clients.

Its new investments in full-service capabilities, platforms, tools and accelerators will complement existing capabilities to integrate software in the areas of autonomous driving, electric propulsion, connected vehicle, body electronics, AUTOSAR, diagnostics and OTA, the statement said.

In addition, KPIT is actively working with its partners to develop an ecosystem and build integrated solutions to help OEMs and first-tier manufacturers accelerate the transformation process, he added.

“Our platforms, tools, accelerators and methodologies offer the speed, scale and independence required by OEMs. We are excited to partner and contribute to the ecosystem to help advance this transition by at least a year,” he said. KPIT Technologies CEO Kishor, Patil said.

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It notes the ongoing efforts to lead the journey of software technology with global mobility leaders towards an autonomous future, the company said.