KrakenSDR, a Phase-Coherent SDR for Passive Radar and RF Transmitter Localization

Crowd Supply, the leading product development platform that connects hardware creators with early users and enthusiastic supporters, announces the launch of KrakenSDR, a phase-coherent software-defined radio (SDR) that includes five channels and automatic calibration hardware. KrakenSDR offers a 4.5V deviation tee on each port, allowing easy interfaces with external devices. With built-in coherent synchronization, KrakenSDR supports a number of applications, including beamforming, passive radar and radio targeting.

KrakenSDR, developed by KrakenRF and launched with support from Crowd Supply, features a low-noise design and a robust CNC milled body. Building on the previous KerberosSDR, KrakenSDR added automatic calibration and tracking of periodic signals to the core of the KerberosSDR software. Designed to run on the Raspberry Pi 4, KrakenSDR’s core DSP software is open source, while its Android direction finding software is free for non-commercial use. KrakenSDR is suitable for use by both amateurs and professionals, helping astronomers increase image resolution and allowing RF engineers to locate sources of illicit radiation.

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