Kratos Announces Continued Product Growth Supporting Virtualized Satellite Ground Systems with Q2 Sales of OpenSpace quantum and SpectralNet Products

SAN DIEGO, August 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS), a leading provider of national security solutions, announced today that in the second quarter of 2021, it will deliver products that support the movement of industry to dynamic, virtualized ground systems to 23 customers worldwide. These included products from the Kratos Quantum® and SpectralNet® lines, both of which are part of its family of dynamic, virtual OpenSpace решения terrestrial solutions.

Kratos OpenSpace’s quantum products offer software versions of satellite ground system components that have traditionally been implemented as hardware, such as modems and front-end processors (FEPs), needed to communicate with the satellite or its payload. Kratos OpenSpace’s quantum products support satellite operators around the world with tens of thousands of satellite passes per month.

Kratos OpenSpace SpectralNet products enable the integration of modern virtual ground operations by reliably digitizing radio frequency (RF) signals from the satellite in the format of Internet Protocol (IP), which can be processed by digital systems running in the cloud, on-premi and hybrid among.

Sales of quantum and SpectralNet products in the second quarter included international trading customers, as well as support for key U.S. defense and intelligence programs and government projects for other nations. Seven new customers purchased products from the OpenSpace family in the second quarter, as well as 16 returning customers who purchased additional quantum and SpectralNet modules.

According to Kratos, vice president of space systems sales, Mike Smith, “OpenSpace’s quantum and OpenSpace SpectralNet product lines continue to thrive among satellite operators and communications service providers seeking to take advantage of virtual networking opportunities to transform these critical operations. Even classified government programs have recognized the reliability and security of OpenSpace products.

OpenSpace’s quantum products (called virtual networking features or VNFs) are not only cheaper than the hardware they replace, they run at a lower cost and are more scalable to adapt more quickly to changing missions and conditions. For example, when deploying traditional ground system hardware can take weeks, quantum VNFs can be deployed and configured to support various missions in just hours. Kratos’ OpenSpace platform, the most advanced line in the OpenSpace family, can go even further by allowing satellite operators to deploy, configure and adapt entire networks in just minutes, using its organized software-defined network (SDN) architecture.

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