EdgeQ Samples World’s First Software-Defined 5G Base Station-on-a-Chip to Market Leaders in Enterprise, Telco and Hyperscale Cloud

DENO CLARA, California- () –EdgeQ Inc., a leader in 5G wireless infrastructure, today announced a sample of its revolutionary 5G chip base station to first-tier customers deploying next-generation wireless end networks for enterprise, telecommunications and cloud markets. EdgeQ offers an excerpt from the complete package solution for customers developing enterprise 5G access points, a radio unit (O-RAN) based on a radio unit (RU) and a distributed unit (DU).

Successful implementation of Radio Access Networks (RANs) predicts the availability and access to ready-to-produce physical layer software (PHY) that manages all major 4G / 5G protocols and features. Traditional silicon retailers offer PHY as reference software, placing the burden on customer development to invest years of operational effort in production. By abstracting this friction with a complete platform solution that includes production-ready 5G PHY software, EdgeQ frees customers from the significant investment, resources, and time typically associated with producing a 4G / 5G PHY stack.

“Traditional market approaches offer basic tape processing hardware and PHY software as separate topics, where the burden of proof lies on customers to produce and enable full production. EdgeQ has the ability and completeness to accelerate the market with a production-grade RAN stack that is also customized and programmable, ”said Chris DePuy, technology analyst at 650 Group. “The key element in reducing the 5G entry barrier allows operators and organizations to have a complete turnkey solution that is flexible, flexible and comprehensive at the same time.”

Three years in the making, EdgeQ has partnered with market-leading wireless infrastructure customers to create highly optimized 5G baseband, networks, computing and chip AI pins. By combining highly integrated silicon with ready-to-manufacture 5G PHY software, EdgeQ uniquely enables a seamless operating model in which customers can deploy all key functionalities and critical network access algorithms for radio access, such as beamforming, channel estimation, massive MIMO and eliminating box interference.

For customers who want to create added value in their 5G RAN designs, the EdgeQ PHY layer is fully programmable and extensible. Customers can use an extensible nFAPI interface to add their custom 5G service extensions to target the wide variety of 5G applications spanning Industry 4.0 to campus networks and fixed wireless to macro-class macro cells. As the first in the industry, the EdgeQ 5G platform completely copes with the sore point in the implementation of 5G PHY and MAC software layers, but with an open framework that allows a rich ecosystem of L2 / L3 software partners.

“From day one, EdgeQ has been tirelessly trying to redefine the 5G consumption and deployment model with its open RISC-V-based architecture that brings connectivity, networking and computing closer together. The way we elegantly combine hardware, expanding RAN software and an innovative business model as a chipset as a service is what crystallizes the vision in a devastatingly compelling way, ”said Viney Ravuri, CEO and founder of EdgeQ. “Our sampling message today means it’s all a market reality.”

For EdgeQ

EdgeQ is a leading innovator in 5G chip systems. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with offices in San Diego, California and Bangalore, India. Led by executives from Qualcomm, Intel and Broadcom, EdgeQ is a pioneer in converged connectivity and AI that is fully customized and programmable. The company is supported by leading investors, including Threshold Ventures, Fusion Fund and AME Cloud Ventures. To learn more about EdgeQ, visit www.edgeq.io.