New Wireless Innovation Forum Specification Enables Radio Platforms to Provide Radio Applications with Knowledge of Time

Accompanying specifications for FPGA, SCA and C ++ platforms available soon

WASHINGTON,, May 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) recently announced the approval of a time facility specification (WINNF-TS-3004) and a supporting report on the principles of facilities (WINNF-TR-2007). The specification is an internationally supported application programming interface (API) that harmonizes views among users of the legacy API for Synchronizing Joint Tactical Networks (JTNCs), improving the coverage and quality of previous specifications and expanding functional coverage. The accompanying specifications for the FPGA, SCA and C ++ platforms will be voted on for public release soon.

“This exciting specification significantly improves the currently available time management standards within software-defined radio stations,” he said. Eric Nicole of Thales, co-chair of the WInnForum software-defined systems committee and head of the Time Service Facility development team. “This will bring more portability to SDR applications and more hospitality to SDR platforms. It clarifies some known ambiguities of previous standards and clarifies valuable additional technical possibilities, such as support for International Atomic Time and more precise dealing with uncertainty over time. “

This edition is part of an expanding package of standards developed by WInnForum for the international improvement and harmonization of SDR standards.

“Together with the transceiver (TS-0008), the timing mechanism complements the WInnForum SDR standard package. Developed by a dedicated team of experts from North America and Europe it strengthens WInnForum’s ability to foster international harmonization and modernization of openly developed and available SDR standards, “added Nicole.

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