Nokia and Vodafone Idea achieve fibre speed over 5G using E-band spectrum

Nearly 4Gbps in macro cells, which are transferred to places where the fiber cannot pass

Nokia claims to have achieved 9.85 Gbps backhaul capacity of the Indian operator Vodafone ideas 5G network in Gujara recently. The data rate record broken by packets traveling through small and micro cells using the E-band (60GHz to 90GHz) spectrum.

The breakthrough means that Nokia can offer European mobile operators more technical feedback options when no fiber is available.

The experiment was supported by Nokia’s Wavence feedback system. Nokia recently introduced new capabilities for engineers using Wavence to create internal and external feedback solutions for mobile operators. A recent upgrade introduced new inventions for short, long distance, E-Band and software defined networks. He also introduced new ones Reversal of cross-polarization interference (XPIC) technology. These improvements may have paid dividends in testing the potential of the E-band.

Who needs fiber now?

Vodafone Idea wanted to study the use of spectrum in the range 3.3GHz-3.6GHz and the range of millimeter waves (mmWave) (24.25GHz-28.5GHz). The result of the tests is that the operator stated a download speed of 1.5 Gbps in 3.5 Ghz bands in test networks in Gandhinagar and Pune. In laboratory conditions in Pune, its speed exceeded 3.7 Gbps during the mmWave tests, as it was tested from end to end on a closed network with a cloud core, a new generation transport network and a radio access network.

Before that Vodafone Idea and Nokia cooperates on what they claim to be the largest installation in the world Dynamic spectrum restructuring (DSR) in India, as well as the largest array in the country Multiple inputs Multiple outputs (mMIMO) installation. Vodafone Idea was the first mobile operator to test DSR. The use of data from India has increased about fifty times in four years, according to Nokia MBiT 2020 Index.

When connectivity is critical, these technologies will help operators increase network capacity and improve the customer experience, said Sanjay Malik, Nokia’s chief executive for India.