Vendors Introduce New Products During Critical Communications World

Vendors introduce new products during the critical world of communications

Thursday, 04 November 2021 | Comments

Motorola solutions demonstrates its ecosystem of integrated critical solutions. The M500 in-car AI-activated video system (AI) provides public safety vehicles with awareness and safety capabilities while building trust and transparency. It has new analyzes of rear seat passengers, which automatically start recording from the camera in the car as soon as a person enters the back of a police car. The robust H5A panoramic tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera combines high-resolution images, 360-degree views and up to 36x magnification with an extremely robust design to work reliably in the harshest environments. The camera’s wide dynamic range captures critical detail in very bright and very dark areas, and additional infrared and white luminaires provide perfect brightness in low-light scenes.

New DIMETRA TETRA infrastructure solutions include the DIMETRA X Core Edge Resilience feature, which increases system reliability and resilience by ensuring that dispatchers can communicate with users on a local site, even if the link to the main control site is lost, and the new DIMETRA X Core Deployable a solution that offers flexible deployment options to cover a wide range of uses, including disaster relief operations.

Teltronic introduced MCBS, an external TETRA base station that, through the use of software-defined radio (SDR) techniques, provides up to four carriers in a compact device, offering a high level of performance in a lightweight and compact device with up to 40 watts of RF power.

The company also introduced the RTP-800, a new generation of on-board equipment that integrates TETRA, LTE and Wi-Fi for voice communications and data in one rack.

Hytera Communications introduced the PDM680 Critical Services Radio (MCS), which is compatible with the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

The PDM680 is specifically designed and equipped with reliable mission-critical push to talk (MCPTT), critical video (MCVideo) and critical data (MCData) services to support those working in the toughest conditions. The rating of the IP68 radio and the Mil-Std 810H certificate guarantee that it will continue to work reliably in extreme environments.

in the meantime, Sepura has released its first critical LTE solution. The SCU3 broadband device is designed for use in vehicles and / or fixed offices and supports mission critical push to talk (MCPTT), critical video (MCVideo) and critical data (MCData).

Built on the Android operating system, the device provides compatibility with a wide range of applications that are designed to run on existing Android smartphones and tablets. The device has an additional TETRA modem, allowing narrowband voice and data services, while supporting Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, providing connections to a number of accessories and auxiliary systems. Paired with Sepura’s Mobile Device Management (SDM) solution, the SCU3 broadband vehicle is a complete communications solution for critical communications users.

CrossCall The CORE product range is designed to provide durable mobility solutions for professionals. The range provides protection for single workers through integrated sensors such as a gyroscope and accelerometer and provides support for push-to-talk (PTT) communications. The products also provide support for private mobile radio (PMR).

CORE-M5 provides a smooth and optimal experience in both professional and personal environments and can also be used as a walkie-talkie with the CROSSCALL X-TALK application for instant and simultaneous communication with multiple people.

The CORE-S4 is a hybrid phone with a touch tone and a smartphone that integrates the Kaïos operating system, which allows access to most applications such as WhatsApp.

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