ONF and Deutsche Telekom debut fully disaggregated Open RAN

In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom (DT), the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) announced the launch of its own software-defined field test of radio access network (SD-RAN).

The 4G and 5G The stand-alone (SA) live test, live at Deutsche Telekom in Berlin, is the first to include fully disaggregated open RAN solutions powered by ONF’s RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC).

“Carriers are investing in an open RAN to enable a new breed of modular and customized 5G solutions to accelerate innovation and enable the combination of the best breed components from multiple vendors. Open RAN gives operators choice and flexibility to customize and optimize their own networks“, Explained by ONF.

DT integrated open RAN components from eight companies in the SD-RAN test: AirHop, Edgecore, Facebook, Foxconn, Intel, Radisys, Supermicro and Wiwynn.

In addition to horizontally disaggregated hardware – radio device, distributed unit and centralized device – live test includes vertically disaggregated software components, including near real-time RIC and xApps.

The entire trial period is performed on the ONF Aether platform, fully managedcloud a platform that allows slicing a network with multiple user – plane (UPF) functions running on edge, end.

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) supports the test by offering hardware and equipment through the TIP Community Lab, hosted by DT in Berlin. Highstreet Technologies coordinates the integration and testing of field experience on site.

“The Berlin SD-RAN Open RAN Trial is an important step towards realizing the vision of a fully disaggregated and intelligent RAN using ONF’s leading open source software platform RAN Intelligent Controller,” said Alex Choi, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Technology Innovation at Deutsche Telekom .

Choi added: “In addition to the open foreground, this experiment includes disaggregated RU / DU / CU units, and also vertically disaggregates RIC and xApps according to SDN principles. Together, we demonstrate the power of truly open RAN and ecosystem collaboration to accelerate innovation. “

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