Wireless communications company unveils new system for first responders | JNS

Commtact, an Israeli provider of advanced wireless communications systems, unveiled a real-time first-time communications network on Monday.

Called CommNet, the new system is also designed for large events and command and control teams.

“As the first on the disaster and disaster scene, responders are in growing need of an independent, reliable real-time mobile communications network that facilitates data sharing along with ongoing awareness of the situation,” Commtact said in a statement. provides just that. “

The new system “improves real-time situational awareness across missions by maintaining ongoing real-time communication between multiple users working on different platforms. “Even with a large number of users, the system provides consistently high quality service,” the statement said.

It is based on software-defined radios that can be carried in harsh conditions by operators. The system offers voice and data connection over a wide range of radio frequencies and channel widths over a secure private network.

“Emergency, medical and command and control centers need continuous and reliable communication at all times and in all terrain conditions. We are proud of Commtact’s technological development, which is based on the company’s proven experience and is used around the world, “said Commtact CEO Ariel Kandel.

In May, the company announced that its data radio stations had undergone harsh cycles of testing by the US military.

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