PiccoloSDR – A Raspberry Pi Pico powered SDR working with GNU Radio – CNX Software

You can do a lot with the little ones Raspberry Pi Pico boardbut a computer student and a radio amateur Luigi Cruz decided to go a step further by making the Raspberry Pico RP2040 work as an SDR compatible with GNU radio open source tools.

The PicoSDR The PiccoloSDR project relies on one of the ADC pins from the Raspberry Pi Pico to takes samples of 8-bit data at about 500 ksps and makes the data available via TCP / IP (emulated by rndis protocol) via Full Speed ​​USB interface with up to 12 Mbps.

Raspberry Pi Pico SDR

As Lewis notes, applications are limited due to low bandwidth, but it’s still a fun project. You can see demonstrations with a web-based tone generator, PWM generator, and actual audio, where we see the spectrum diagram, range graph, and FFT graph updated in real time.

He hasn’t released the demo code “officially” yet, but I see that he has done some “picosdr” code on his pico-stuff Github repository, especially in apps / tcp_server /, where the code of the TCP server running Raspberry Pi Pico is located.

Once the code is ready, it will probably announce the release of the source code Thread on Twitter which drew our attention to this fun little project.

[Updated March 12, 2021: Since PicoSDR is trademarked, the project has been renamed to PiccoloSDR]