Per Vices Unveils Full Spectrum Monitoring and Data Storage Solution, Enabling 160Gbps of Data Capture

“By combining Cyan’s power with an external storage system, we can offer a fully validated storage, recording and playback system, while providing higher bandwidth, faster digital transmission, more channels and higher operating frequency, “he said Victor Volesen, CEO of Per Vices. “We are pleased to offer our customers a new product that will significantly improve efficiency and provide significant value.”

Using Per Vices’ new integrated solution, engineers and system integrators will be able to:

  • Monitor the 16 GHz bandwidth at all times and have a sufficiently reliable storage solution to maintain a full write speed of the 4x40Gbps data interface.
  • Use multiple channels to clear the spectrum while tuning in to signals of interest.
  • Customize Cyan to optimize multiple RF & DSP channels, FPGA resources and digital logic, RF performance figures, and the amount of storage required.

Per Vices’ new Cyan SDR solution also offers significant value to governments and regulatory agencies, defense executives, system integrators and security companies.

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About Per Vices
Per Vices is an industry leader in the development and implementation of high-performance software-defined radio platforms with the highest bandwidth and customer-oriented projects. Today, Per Vices supports a wide variety of applications in defense, civil, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, low latency networks, global positioning (gnss / gps), radar, testing and measurement, spectrum monitoring and the broadcasting and wireless control industries. . Offering cost-effective commodity products as well as rapid custom development for specific customer requirements, Per Vices leads the market for commercially available defined radio stations.

SOURCE Per Vices Corporation

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