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Connects with Facebook and Google with better offers for Jio: RIL consumer servicesNEW DELHI: Reliance Industries said that “strategic initiatives” should be deployed by him digital unit Jio in partnership with specialties from the USA Facebook and Google will further improve its customer service offerings.

“In the next phase of its growth history, Jio is committed to democratizing digital services and improving the customer experience through innovative platforms and services.” RIL says in its annual report published on wednesday.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp collaborates with JioMart, Readingetail venture, while Jio Platforms, the digital unit of the telecommunications refining conglomerate, is collaborating with Google to develop affordable 4G and even 5G smartphones.

Last year, Facebook and Google bought 9.99% and 7.73% of shares in Jio Platforms for nearly 43,574 kroner and 33,737 rupees, respectively.

RIL also said that Jio Platforms is cooperating with the American chip maker Qualcomm technologies for the local production of “critical equipment” to push the 5G ecosystem into India. Qualcomm also invested $ 97 million in Jio Platforms last year for a 0.15% stake.

He added that Jio Platforms also works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to standardize 5G device configurations.

“With 5G technology, Indian subscribers will experience the benefits of higher data rates, low latency communications and an improved digital experience in a wide range of connected devices, from 5G-enabled smartphones, corporate laptops and AR / VR products to vertical IoT solutions “RIL said.

Reliance Jio is currently preparing for 5G field trials after receiving the spectrum for the purpose from Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The telecommunications company will test its own 5G technology, but will also work with its 4G partner Samsung, along with Ericsson and Nokia.

“India is at the forefront of the global digital revolution. Jio is accelerating the launch of digital platforms and developing a next-generation 5G stack that makes it affordable and accessible everywhere,” RIL said.

RIL said Jio has invested more than $ 50 billion from the beginning to create India’s largest and most modern digital ecosystem and connectivity. It has built sufficient network capacity for the next 300 million mobile broadband subscribers, over 50 million fiber homes and 50 million micro, small and medium enterprises

There are currently over 426 million users.