Software Defined Radio Academy Goes Virtual

It is said that every cloud has a silver lining. It is difficult to find positive among all the bad news about the current global pandemic, but this has led to more conferences and events to allow online participation either live or after the fact. Example: Annual event of the software-defined radio academy is all on the YouTube channel so you can attend virtually.

Not all videos are there yet, but the main note, along with some very technical talks on techniques ranging from FPGAs to spectrum monitoring and spectral density correlation – you can see this video below. We assume that eventually you will be able to watch all the presentations listed in program.

The channel also has some older videos, including some GNU Radio material. We hear that some of the upcoming videos will also have new GNU Radio content, including some of the GNU Radio implementation for Android.

It is remarkable how software-defined radio has turned from an exotic technology into a conventional one. If you like these technical presentations, you can enjoy it free book. No matter what yours is. If you want to choose a cheap SDR, there is were reviews. Not to mention the reviews for higher class devices.