Software-Defined Radio Benchmarks, Other Updates This Week


Several software-defined radios (SDRs) have been added on reader requests, along with 640+ other individual loads available for benchmarking through the Phoronix Test Suite and

For those interested in evaluating processors for software-defined purposes for radio or signal processing, some of the latest test additions may be of interest to you. GNU radio,, LuaRadio,, srsLTE, and Liquid DSP are now available for benchmarking through the Phoronix Test Suite /

Through these OB connections, there are already a number of CPU reference results available to those interested in the latest processors in these radios. These tests will also be included in some upcoming CPU reviews. There is now SDR test package so conducting these new tests is as easy as phoronix-test-suite benchmark sdr.

There were a few this week, too other new and updated criteria for PTS / OB users.

There are currently 642 different benchmarks that can be launched through the Phoronix Test Suite, which have so far seen 2,173 revisions, as well as 139 different test packages to better classify and correlate these test profiles in different logical groups. The execution of each individual test profile and option from the Phoronix test package brings an average execution time of about 34 days and 19 hours, but fortunately most perform only a small set of tests corresponding to their individual workloads / interests.

More tests continue to be added, so drop by to see the latest.