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Tecore Networks, a US-based manufacturer and global provider of innovative mobile network infrastructure, applauded the FCC’s finalization of application proceduresand providing a cost catalog for the Secure and Reliable Networks Recovery Program. The Law on Secure and Reliable Communication Networks a step was needed to replace technology that compromises U.S. security and telecommunications infrastructure.

After the ratification of Safe and reliable law in a law on 12 March 2020, rural carriers are awaiting the allocation of funds and further clarification on the rules governing application procedures. This recent communication will allow carriers to formulate and push for the finalization of their transition strategies. With the recent release of the cost catalog, rural carriers now have greater visibility into eligible costs and the recovery process, facilitating ease of acquisition through trusted US suppliers such as Tecore.

“As a strategic partner of Tecore Networks with over 15 years of experience in the rural market, Future Technologies sees this as a truly unique opportunity for US carriers to reinvest and replace their legacy systems with modern solutions that are secure and can support 5G and beyond. Through this unique capability, carriers have the chance to evaluate and decide their way forward in terms of technology partners and reference architecture to take advantage of the latest 3GPP (5G) standards and technology capabilities, such as fully virtualized x86-based networks. architecture, ”said Peter Capiello, CEO of Future Technologies Venture, LLC.

When searching for American supplier to facilitate a seamless transition to a new secure network, Tecore Networks answers the call. As a leader in The core and Radio Accessing the Access Network Infrastructure (RAN), Tecore has successfully deployed networks domestically and internationally, supporting 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies in remote, rural and heavy environments.

“Tecore’s Core and RAN capabilities, based on COTS hardware, offer rural carriers the infrastructure they need to support their growing customer base while protecting their next-generation technology development networks. Our team is ready to partner with these operators to ensure that they get the most out of their cost recovery by providing best-in-class customized, scalable, software-defined solutions that currently support 2G to 5G service with the ability to evolution in 6G and beyond, “said Jay Salkini, president and CEO of Tecore Networks.

Tecore Networks specializes in providing solutions and infrastructure for The core,, RAN,, Fast-moving networks,, CBRS,, vRAN and OpenRAN. C cost catalog Highlighting the various equipment and solutions that qualify for recovery, it is now easier than ever to purchase your replacement network from Tecore.

The table below lists some of the common line items described in cost catalog available through Tecore Networks:

Basic layer equipment

4G / 5G -NSA evolved package core – small / medium / large, SGW, PGW, MME (10,000 to more than 200,000 submarines, includes deployment)

4G / 5G -NSA Evolved Packet Core – Large, distributed, SGW, PGW, MME (more than 200K subordinates – distributed, geo-redundant solution, on site, includes deployment)

HSS subscriber data – small / medium / large, HSS (1k to more than 500k subscribers, includes deployment)

PCRF server

3G HLR added to HSS – small / medium / large (1k to more than 500k subscribers, includes deployment)

Design, installation, commissioning, integration, migration services – small / medium / large solution, 3G HLR added to HSS

AAA server (small / medium / large)

IMS Core – Supports VoLTE

Cloud core

Cloud – Virtual EPC (SAE -GW, firewall, operator class NAT, eCGF, MME, PCRF, small network), includes design, installation, commissioning, integration services

GSM and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System)

3G / UMTS RNC (Radio Network Controller) Small – Medium (50 – 1000 nodes)

3G / UMTS NodeB HW / SW addition to eNodeB

Includes BBU / RRH (Mainband / Remote Radio Head)

2T2R eNodeB with 3 sectors, single bandwidth up to 20 MHz / sector

BBU (base strips)

Mounted in trunk or outdoor baseband module (BBU)

W-CDMA RNC (Radio Network Controller, Small Network)

W-CDMA RNC (Radio Network Controller, Intermediate Network)

W-CDMA RNC (Radio Network Controller, Large Network)

Mobility Wireless – nonMIMO

2T2R eNodeB with 3 sectors, single bandwidth up to 20 MHz / sector

LTE FDD (Duplex with frequency division)

2-port low and medium frequency radio for 1 sector (5Mhz, FDD, LTE or W-CDMA (wideband code with multiple access))

4-port low and medium frequency radio for 1 sector (5Mhz, FDD, LTE or W-CDMA)

Expansion of 2-port or 4-port low average frequency radio for 1 sector (additional 5 Mhz of (FDD), nominal to high power)

LTE TDD (Time Division Duplex)

4-port low and medium frequency radio for 1 sector (20 Mhz, TDD)

Expansion of 2,4,8-port low-frequency radio for 1 sector (additional 20 Mhz (TDD), nominal to a large amount of power)

To complete the above list, Tekor in partnership with Future technologies, offers a full range of professional services to assist with installation, commissioning and training, while providing exceptional 24x7x365 customer support through its US customer support team.

As a reliable partner of carriers, businesses and the government for more than 30 years, rural carriers can benefit greatly from a supplier that has the answers to today’s challenges and innovative solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.

Please visit tecore.com to request more information about him The core and RAN portfolio. Representatives are available to discuss replacement and update options that are in line with your unique requirements.

To allow you to meet our team in person, Tecore participates in the following upcoming annual events:

  • CCA (booth # 2702) is held in Phoenix, Arizona from September 20 to 22
  • MWC Los Angeles (booth # 2224) was held in Los Angeles, California from October 26 to 28

Please click here to book your meeting with us.

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