Test and Measurement: LitePoint lands first FiRa Consortium validation for UWB test

Test company LitePoint says its Ultra Wideband (UWB) testing platform is to be first validated by the FiRa consortium (Fine Ranging) for PHY compliance as part of its certified FiRa program. LitePoint was the first test provider to join the FiRa Consortium, which focuses on advances in the development of UWB, which allows devices to very accurately and securely determine the position of partner devices.

“UWB’s success lies in ensuring a seamless user experience and device interoperability,” said Clint Chaplin, secretary of the FiRa consortium’s board of directors and co-chair of the consortium’s compliance and certification working group; he is also a senior chief standardization engineer at Samsung Research America. “Certification is an important component of ensuring this interoperability, and we are pleased to have established the LitePoint test platform as part of the certification program.”

Adam Smith, Director of Product Marketing at LitePoint, said that the validation of IQgig-UWB “shows that this platform is not only the ideal solution for characterizing R&D and large-scale production, but can now be used for certification process and pre-certification. “

In other test news:

I’m coming in and VMware are works closely together to enable CSPs with intelligence on the quality of the near-real-time application experience. Accedian’s Skylight performance analysis solution can be used with the VMware Telco Cloud Platform for visibility and performance in 5G networks, over the radio access network and the end infrastructure, the two companies said.

“Virtualizing and disaggregating RAN is only the first step on the path to modernization. Automation and analytics need to be layered on top to improve efficiency and performance at the service level with a focus on improving the quality of the experience as CSPs deliver 5G services, ”said Stephen Spellissy, vice president of product marketing and solutions, service provider. and Edge, in VMware. “Our ongoing partnership with Accedian aims to improve our Telco Cloud platform to provide customers with productivity visibility, intelligence and security capabilities.

-The market for wireless tests and measurements is expected to grow to 16.8 billion dollars by 2028 compared to about 10.48 billion dollars in 2019, reflecting a complex annual growth rate of nearly 7%, according to report from Allied Research. Growth in the industry will be driven by increased adoption of smart devices, especially in emerging economies, and advances in wireless technology.

Keysight Technologies and Analog devices are unification in support of the accelerated development of Open RAN, with the two companies working together to “create a robust test bench” to verify the interoperability of the Open Radio Unit or O-RU, which includes the basic range of low-PHY software-defined ADI transceiver, power, and clock integrated with Intel FPGA.

“We are pleased to align our resources with ADI, a leader in O-RU technology solutions, to help service providers realize the full potential of O-RAN specifications,” said Kailash Narayanan, vice president and CEO of Keysight’s Commercial. Communications Group. “Keysight and ADI offer technology and test solutions that create an effective bridge between the radio and the core network, leading to accelerated interoperability development and testing.”

“As a result of combining our technologies, tools and design resources, ADI and Keysight are able to provide the O-RAN ecosystem with a robust platform for rapidly developing reliable O-RUs,” said Joe Barry, vice president of wireless communications at Analog Devices. . “Working together, we offer our customers the fastest way to develop cost-effective, energy-efficient and interoperable O-RAN O-RAN.”

In related company news, Keysight said this HTC will use its UeSIM 5G consumer equipment emulation (UEE) solution in a demonstration of the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2021, showing the ability of a 5G base station with Open RAN activated to provide high performance and low latency for private networks.

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with HTC to include smart mobile devices and technologies to develop customized and flexible open RAN solutions,” said Giampaolo Tardioli, vice president and general manager of Keysight Network Access Group. “By emulating real network traffic on both radio and O-RAN fronthaul, UeSIM allows HTC to test the overall performance of a 5G base station with open standard interfaces.”

-Network analytics company Mobileum says there is entered an acquisition agreement Convening networks for an undisclosed amount. Convene offers integrated core networking solutions for 3G / 4G / 5G networks, and Mobileum says the acquisition will expand its portfolio of core networking technologies and enable it to offer commercially available “5G in a box” for small carriers and private networks.

-100 million dollars Advanced wireless exploration platforms initiative of National Science Foundation this week announced its fourth and only rural test floor, which will be located in central Iowa. Read the whole story here.

AT&T ‘s 5G will provide the basis for new testing of a private 5G network in RELLIS of the University of Texas A&M research campus, for the study and development of commercial and defense cases. Private 5G networks will open this fall. A complete story here.

Wi-Fi Alliance introduced a new, more streamlined Wi-Fi certification option for companies that develop products with limited changes to Wi-Fi features that are already certified. Details in this story.