Viasat Demonstrated High-Capability Expeditionary Communications at Recent Naval Technology Exercise

CARLSBAD, CA.,, May 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global communications company, has demonstrated its ability to enable sustainable and tactical cloud-based communications during maritime integration in a contested environment (NICE) Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) from April 5-15, 2021, in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The NICE ANTX event, hosted by the Marine Research and Development Enterprise (NR&DE), invited organizations from across industry, academia and government R&D to demonstrate emerging technologies that could be used by the US Navy and Navy. infantry in support of Expeditionary Extended Base Operations (EABO) and Coastal Operations in Challenged Environment (LOCE).

During the exercise, Viasat demonstrated methods to increase network capacity and tactical edge resilience, improving situation awareness (SA) and allowing expanded applications in combat. Viasat demonstrates its ability to:

  • Enable secure ship-to-shore communications in a coastal environment;
  • Quickly use and manage agile communication nodes in all echelons, allowing access to the tactical cloud;
  • Enable e-war operations in distributed systems with Office of Naval Research ENDOR Future Naval Capability (FNC) and Viasat NetAgility ™;
  • Providing access to informed leaders to information and networks crucial to maintaining awareness of the situation; and
  • Implement an automated primary, alternative, emergency and contingency plan (PACE) for increased resilience, orchestration of transport links and management in all network nodes

“The US Navy and Marine Corps understand the importance of exploring technological innovations that can support critical operations in difficult contentious environments,” he said. Craig Miller, president, government systems, Viasat. “At NICE ANTX, we have demonstrated a diverse range of communication achievements – in an environment of emerging cyber and electronic warfare threats – and expanded existing military communication networks, adapted tactical edge command and control capabilities, and provided advanced methods to provide reliable, uninterrupted broadband connectivity. through an improved communication platform on the go. “

Viasat demonstrates robust ship-to-shore communication using its expeditionary lightweight integrated tactical edge (ELITE) and its prototype G-18 Ku / Ka-band antenna to provide secure satellite communications capability to navigate offshore and ground platforms, allowing the commander to adapt its command and control capabilities (C2) to the needs of the mobility of the operation. Viasat also unveiled its NetAgility ™ Mobile Software Defined Networking (SDN) router, allowing greater resilience by connecting and aggregating multiple communication paths for automated traffic routing from Tactical Operations Center to Small Form Factor sensor integration. Finally, Viasat presented the capabilities of the ELITE kit’s C2 gateway by simulating songs 16 and distributing them to all nodes on the network and to all downloaded fighters via multiple Direct Line of Sight (DLOS) radio links.

About Viasat
Viasat is a global communications company that believes that anyone and everything in the world can be connected. For 35 years, Viasat has helped shape the way consumers, businesses, governments and the military communicate around the world. Today, the company is developing the best global communications network to power high-quality, secure, affordable and fast connections to impact people’s lives wherever they are – on land, in the air or at sea. To learn more about Viasat, visit:, go to Viasat’s corporate blogor follow the Company on social media at: Facebook,, Instagram,, LinkedIn,, Twitter or YouTube.

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