Viasat wins new tech deal from Department of Defense

Viasat won a technology deal from the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide vulnerability assessment tests and response support as part of a new pilot program focused on improving the cybersecurity and resilience of DoD weapons systems.
military on the day of victoryViasat will be the first external cybersecurity team to conduct these assessments through the pilot project, which aims to increase the effectiveness of automating security assessments based on missions and threats on a large scale, using analysis and proven intelligence gathering methodology. information, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis and exploitation.

Viasat will analyze key components within an extremely complex, interconnected architecture of the DoD weapon system that can be vulnerable to attack. The analysis will also include cyber- and software-defined assessments of radio threats to address networks, the Internet of Things, and radio frequency interfaces to the weapon system.

For 35 years, Viasat has been a provider of cybersecurity and information security systems to the US government, critical infrastructure and retail networks.