World’s first standalone 5G network introduced at the MotoGP

Live footage of the Silverstone meeting at the British Grand Prix MotoGP was broadcast to a world audience, the world’s first private solo 5G sports broadcasting network as part of an innovative collaboration. The global MotoGP motorcycle race demonstrates the use of a private stand-alone 5G network, using a shared spectrum in collaboration with British television BT Sport, Vislink, the University of Strathclyde and the series promoter Dorna Sports.

“We demonstrated the viability and performance of a 5G standalone network in Silverstone.”

Malcolm Brew, StrathSDR.

“Working across the general spectrum of Ofcom, which are radio frequencies set aside for public use, we have demonstrated the viability and performance of a 5G stand-alone network in Silverstone,” said Malcolm Brew, lead 5G engineer in the radio and 5G team developed by StrathSDR software.