Headline WDS 2022: UAE shows the Edge with new product launches

UAE defense conglomerate Edge Group was active at the World Defense Show 2022 exhibition in Riyadh.

The company’s subsidiary Al Jasoor unveiled a new protected ambulance based on a Rabdan 8×8 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

According to a company representative, the new configuration is designed to provide off-road mobility and mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) -level protection to military medics on missions in high-threat environments.

The vehicle is 8.45m long, 3.25m wide and 2.72m high, with a maximum speed of 100 km / h and a cruising range of 800 km. The crew consists of a driver, commander and two medics.

The Rabdan ambulance features an elevated roof and a large internal volume configured with extensive medical equipment. The ambulance configuration can transport two stretchered patients and three sitting patients, or three stretchered patients.

In addition to the new vehicle, another Edge company, Al Taif announced that it had signed a contract to develop 413 enhanced power distribution units (PDUs) for Emirati Nimr armored vehicles.

Designed to distribute power from a military vehicle’s auxiliary battery to various electrical systems, the PDUs are manufactured in-house and are tailored to meet customer specifications.

According to a company representative, Al Taif established a dedicated assembly line for their rapid production, delivery, and installation to ensure short lead times.

A third element of activity was from Sign4l – the Edge Group company focused on electronic warfare and intelligence solutions.

The company unveiled ActiveCell, a tactical cellular network analyzer, and WiFinder, a counter-terrorism product for homeland security and law enforcement agencies.

ActiveCell is a full software-defined radio (SDR) modular cellular network monitoring and analysis system that offers detection, monitoring and location capabilities over 2G, 3G and 4G network technologies.

According to a company representative, the system enables users to carry out forensic analysis of cellular networks in urban as well as rural environments.

In addition, it can obtain network operator data from the mobile phone of a missing person, offering a critical advantage during search and rescue missions.

WiFinder is a situational awareness product that has been created in close cooperation with police units to develop a solution for law enforcement agencies. The product provides features that allow police and security services to covertly monitor communications.