Honoring the life and legacy officer Johnny Patterson place in Shannon

A long time officer in Verona was at his post just outside the elementary school when he was struck by a car

VERONA, Miss. (WCBI) -A long time officer in Verona was at his post just outside the elementary school when he was struck by a car; those injuries proved fatal.

Services were held on Monday and some of the people who attended shared their memories. Officer Johnny Patterson was the assistant chief in Verona, and while his death left a void; his legacy is expected to live on.

Patterson was out directing traffic at Shannon Primary School when he was hit by a car which lead to his death. A fellow officer reflected on the memories he left with them.

“Everybody that I know that knows him loved him and he was an outstanding officer and outstanding human being,” said Verona police officer Phillip Owings.

Owings worked alongside Patterson for years and said his impact on him, lives on.

“He and I have been in law enforcement about the same amount of time and I knew him when I first got in. His professionalism he taught me to be a good officer,” Owings said.

Verona police Chief Marsenio Nunn said he and the department will miss Patterson’s embrace and people skills around the community.

“I’ll most remember Johnny by his smile and laughter. He was a jokester he liked to joke a lot and we’ll most definitely miss that here at the department. If we had an encounter with anyone out here and we didn’t know who they were Johnny knew exactly who they were. He knew their mom and dad and that was one plus about having him around he knew everybody, ”said Nunn.

Patterson was more than just an officer.

“A friend and an officer. I’ve worked with him a little bit in the city of Verona, but he and I talked quite frequently at least once or twice a month, “said Lee County Justice Court Judge Anthony Rogers.

Rogers also had a close relationship with Patterson, and he said it won’t just be family, friends, and officers that will miss him.

“He meant something to the kids as well here in the community especially for them to be out of school and to come up here and pay their respects to him,” Rogers said.

Every person who spoke to WCBI also encourages people to be observant of their surroundings while driving especially in a school zone.