Is Business Culture in South Africa Humane?

Diversity and transformation in leadership

September 1, 2021, 1:29 p.m.

In a world of numbers and powerful deals, it’s easy to ignore the human side of business. To thrive, we must do more than talk. At Investec, they do more than interact – they turn it into their business to understand your … This is the business made by man. The working lunch with Arabile Gumede is a series of intimate conversations that bring together experts at the table to engage and question the importance of people on the other side of business transactions. Diversity is a business imperative. If leaders do not see the importance of diversity in the workplace, this indicates a lack of resilience in their thinking about their business. When leaders find solace in affirmative biases and refrain from questioning their core beliefs, it becomes dangerous territory. #LetsWalkTheTalk #InvestecWorkingLunch #ArabileGumede For more information on Investec, visit

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