Macon Police Department is investigating a weekend homicide – Home – WCBI TV

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – The Macon Police Department is in search of a man accused of killing his girlfriend in her home Saturday 17, 2021. This is the second domestic homicide case in the town within a month and community members and law enforcement want to see things settle down. 43-year-old Lisa Brooks was found dead in her home. Police believe she was killed by someone she knew.

“We have a lot of domestic situations but it doesn’t go to these magnitudes of someone being killed or injured real bad,” said Police Chief Davine Beck.

Family, friends, and neighbors are still in shock that their loved one was murdered within the small nit community; Now, residents and law enforcement are asking for the public’s help to help solve this case.

“If we see something off it’s just time to come together even as a neighbor to come to one to come to one another to see if we see something out of tact,” said resident Tiffany Anderson.

“The public is very detrimental on a case like this some things they see that we don’t see some things they hear that we don’t hear and being a close-knit neighborhood that this murder happened in we can’t believe that no one heard a gunshot, ”said Beck.

Domestic violence often escalates quickly, and if it goes unreported law enforcement is concerned they’ll be working on more cases like this.

“It’s generally a male you’re empowering him you need to call us we’ll arrest him or possibly arrest both of them because if you keep letting him come back you’re not the solution you’re the problem as well so we need to nip these things in the bud and they just need to report these things because it can turn violent very fast, ”said Beck.

Chief Beck has worked with MBI, and the US Marshals to find the suspected shooter and bring closure to the family.