No arrest for Zuma: It appears politicians are above the law

State’s attorney Johan van Schalkwick explains why police are challenging the requirements of the request for detention in the case of former President Jakob Zuma.

Since then, the state prosecutor, representing Police Minister Becky Celle and Police Chief General Hella Sitole, has written a letter to the Constitutional Court stating that out of respect for the ongoing trial, they are refraining from arresting the former president unless ordered to do so by the court. something else.

This is an instruction from the police, yes, from the point of view of technical law, applications for detention and revocation do not automatically stop the order, but we have discussed and they think we have until 12 at night to make an arrest if they want.

Johan van Schalkwick, Attorney General

The complainant, Mr Zuma, and his legal team have responded to your reply, and I see that a letter has emerged written by one of my colleagues in the prosecution, stating that the police will approach the matter in a reasonable manner in the light of the circumstances.

Johan van Schalkwick, Attorney General

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Zuma was found guilty of contempt of court last week for disobeying the Constitutional Court’s order to uphold a summons to appear before a state capture investigation. The court sentenced him to 15 months in prison and ordered Cele and National Police Commissioner Khehla Sitole to arrest him if he did not surrender within five days.

Politicians seem to be above the law, because if it was an ordinary citizen, they would already be in prison and prosecuting behind bars, but the reality is that we are not leaving under normal circumstances.

Johan van Schalkwick, Attorney General

Law enforcement has been widely criticized for allowing the Nkandla superspray to move forward in direct violation of Level 4 blocking restrictions, which prohibit all gatherings to limit COVID-19 infections.

This is just a confirmation of their position and position at this stage, I do not think there is an official application at the moment, but we are subject to instructions and we will wait for what the client will say.

Johan van Schalkwick, Attorney General

We will have to follow what will happen in court today and then determine our position until then.

Johan van Schalkwick, Attorney General

Today, the Supreme Court in Pietermaritzburg is expected to consider the urgent request of former President Jakob Zuma to postpone his arrest pending his request to the Constitutional Court next week.

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