S.Korea’s foreign reserves keep record-breaking trend in September

SEOUL, Oct 6 (Xinhua) – South Korea’s foreign exchange reserves maintained a record trend last month due to increased return on investment, data from the central bank on Wednesday.

Foreign exchange reserves peaked at $ 463.97 billion at the end of September, surpassing the previous high of $ 463.93 billion a month earlier, according to the Bank of Korea (BOK).

The strong US dollar reduced the conversion value of non-dollar assets, but this was offset by a higher return on foreign exchange reserves.

The country’s foreign exchange reserves consist of $ 419.35 billion in securities, $ 19.85 billion in deposits, $ 4.79 billion in gold bars, $ 15.38 billion in special drawing rights (SDRs) and a $ 4.6 billion position. IMF.

South Korea was the eighth largest holder of foreign exchange reserves in the world at the end of August, unchanged from the previous month.