SANDF to send soldiers to riot hotspots in KZN, Gauteng

South Africa’s national defense forces will send troops into the streets who saw anarchy over the weekend after the riots.

Johannesburg – The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) confirmed on Monday that it has begun preparations to deploy troops to help police in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal deal with the riots.

In a statement, SANDF said it was responding to a request from the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure of the South African Police Service.

It states that the deployment will begin immediately after the end of the training, and its mandate is strictly to help the police be safe while performing their duties.

“It should be emphasized that the purpose of deploying the SANDF is to ensure a safe and secure working environment for SAPS members and other law enforcement agencies while they are fulfilling their legal and constitutional obligations. follow in a timely manner, “the SANDF statement said.

The exact number of troops to be deployed has not yet been announced, which the SANDF says will be released after law enforcement agencies such as SAPS and other police assess the situation.

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Police, meanwhile, confirmed on Monday that a total of six people had been killed and more than 200 others arrested in the riots in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

What initially began as protests by some calling for the release of former President Jacob Zuma from a KwaZulu-Natal prison on Friday spilled over parts of Gauteng over the weekend.

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Sunday night. SAPS issued a statement trying to take control of parts of the country that saw anarchy over the weekend.

“SAPS in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, working closely with relevant local subway police departments, have increased visibility and remain on high alert in response to incidents of opportunistic crime and violent protests in both provinces over the weekend,” the statement said. .


There have been no reports of riots in Western Cape, but at least one mall has decided to close.

JP Smith of the City of Cape Town explains: “Vangate Mall is closed. There are no cases of robbery, the management of the mall has taken a proactive decision to close the mall as a precaution.”


As the riots continue, there are different views on the reasons for them.

Supporters of former President Jacob Zuma were initially indicted, and overnight, President Cyril Ramaphosa cited signs of ethnic action.

But Isobel Fry of the Institute for the Study of Poverty and Inequality said it was far more basic than hunger and despair.

“What we saw from our research is that there are a lot of people who are facing hunger and starvation. Throughout the response to COVID-19, we provided budget information indicating levels of despair and hunger, and we got very little, if there is an answer. “

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