Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Communication Market: Facts,

Software defined radio (SDR) for communication

Software defined radio (SDR) for communication

The Software Defined Radio (SDR) market report for 2020 analyzes the global acceptance of trends, potential for future growth, key drivers, constraints, opportunities and best practices that are applied in the market. The report also examines growth potential, market size and revenue projections (2020-2024) in different regions as well as industries.

Global Software Defined Radio (SDR) Market Overview:

The report provides practical information to improve the performance of the source-to-contract cycle on the Global Software Defined Radio (SDR) market. It helps procurement professionals formulate better category strategies, improve savings, understand supplier and market challenges, and implement best procurement practices.

Software defined radio (SDR) is achieved to receive and transmit a wide range of events. When the data is converted from the output format to digital format, the other factors in the radio connections are realized by means of automated functions scattered by the software. Software-defined radio optimizes the key information system as rooted software used in software-defined radio, which helps in choosing a communication channel.

Rising defense spending to restore defense communications systems is a key factor driving the demand for software-defined radio (SDR). In addition, the global software-defined radio (SDR) market has grown significantly due to the growing need for communication devices to be more flexible and software-configured. In addition, SDR is widely accepted in space communication, as it expands the operation of the satellite and can operate in several bands in a precise way.

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The critical problems faced by the integration of several systems may cause the growth of the software-defined radio market during the forecast period. Key players in the global software-defined radio market have potential opportunities for technological advances in software-defined radio engineering, including a wide frequency range, solving the problem of frequency congestion and improving broadcasting services over the foreseeable years. This can be further linked to various advantages in the technology, such as cost-effectiveness, flexibility and the power to manage the entire communication channel. The growing demand for mobility, combined with the growing need for data and information, is another key factor that is expected to stimulate the growth of the global radio software market.

Market key players

The global market for software-defined radio (SDR) is marked by strong competition from major players in the industry. Many mergers and acquisitions, joint venture and partnership agreement, product innovation, research and development and geographical expansion are some of the key strategies adopted by this player to ensure the long-term livelihood of these key market players in the global industry for a defined software radio (SDR) include

BAE systems

Datasoft Corporation

ITT Corporation

L3 Communications Corporation

Elbit Systems Ltd …. And more


The software definition radio (SDR) market is subgrouped by type and application. The report examines these subsets in terms of geographical segmentation. Strategists can obtain detailed information and develop appropriate targeting strategies. This detail will lead to a targeted approach, leading to the identification of better opportunities.

Product type segmentation

Ideal software defined radio

Software Defined Radio (BBSDR)

Industrial segmentation


State security


Regional segmentation

North America is conquering the radio software market in 2019, mainly thanks to the Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) program, which offers technical support for wireless communications systems from the US Department of Defense. Software-defined radio (SDR) is widely used in the defense sector thanks to research programs and the integration of all communication systems in North American state and federal agencies. In addition, growing US government funding to develop next-generation radio communications systems that are capable of binding X-frequencies is leading to the claim of software-defined radio (SDR).

The Asia-Pacific Software Defined Radio (SDR) market is expected to see the highest evolution during the forecast period due to the rise in terrorism in Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In response, intelligence and military organizations in the region are gradually implementing SDRs to improve communication systems, enabling secure association, improved information sharing and shared situation analysis. For example, in December 2018, the People’s Liberation Army of China awarded a contract to Elbit Systems Ltd. for providing radio stations CNR-710MB. In addition, the need for enhanced communication by law enforcement agencies during natural disasters stimulates the demand for software-defined radio (SDR). In addition, government funding for SDR research and development in countries such as China and Australia is expected to reduce the demand for software-defined radio (SDR) in the Asia-Pacific region.

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World industry news:

L3 Communications Corporation:

GA-ASI and L3 Technologies develop and manage full-band signal intelligence solution for MQ-9

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and L3 Technologies today announced the development and successful flight test of the full-band ISR signal capability (SIGINT) for the use of the Predator B remote-controlled aircraft system (RPAS). L3’s SIGINT solutions were integrated into a GA-ASI wing-mounted pod and tested for flight by GA-ASI’s mid-mountain MA-9 Predator B RPAS. This ability to change the game provides a significant expansion of the MQ-9 operations mission against modern threats in new operating domains.

Co-funded by GA-ASI and L3, this new underdeveloped solution was developed over eight months and successfully flight-tested in May 2019 on the GA-ASI MQ-9, operating from GA’s test facilities in Yuma, Arizona.

“The successful collaboration between L3 and GA-ASI provides a new dimension to the use of ISR on MQ-9 aircraft and provides enhanced capabilities for ISR fighters,” said Jeff Miller, L3’s senior vice president and president of his ISR Systems business segment. “L3 is excited to provide its payload from the SIGINT family of systems (FOS) to the unmanned aerial vehicle arena in collaboration with GA-ASI and looks forward to providing increased opportunities for current and future customers of GA-ASI weapons systems. “

“We are excited to work with L3 Technologies to develop this capability for the MQ-9. Generating an electronic battle line (EOB) is a key capability of strategic importance to the United States and its allies,” said Linden Blue, CEO of GA. – ASI. “The integration of the L3’s world-class SIGINT system further enhances the utility of the MQ-9 in the ISR arena.”

Covered main points

The identification of key players in the industry and their impact on revenue on the overall business or the relevant segment related to the survey were covered as part of the competitive information carried out through extensive secondary research. Various studies and data published by industry associations, analyst reports, investor presentations, press releases and magazines, among others, were taken into account in the secondary study. Bottom-up and top-down approaches have been used to determine the size of the overall market and key segments. The values ​​obtained are related to the main inputs of key stakeholders in the value chain in the cloud analysis market. The last step involves complete market engineering, which involves analyzing data from different sources and existing exclusive data sets, while using different data for different market breakdown and forecasting methods.

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Main points in the content:

Section 1 Software-defined radio stations Product definition

Section 2 Global Software Defined Radio Manufacturer Market Share and Market Overview

2.1 Deliveries of radio stations defined by the global manufacturer’s software

2.2 Revenues for the business of radio stations defined by the global manufacturer

2.3 Market overview of global software-defined radio stations

Section 3 Business implementation of radio stations defined by the manufacturer

3.1 BAE Systems Software Defined Radios Business Introduction

3.1.1 Software-defined radio broadcasts of BAE Systems, prices, revenues and gross profit 2014-2019

3.1.2 Business distribution of software-defined radio stations of BAE Systems by regions

3.1.3 Recording an interview from BAE systems

3.1.4 Business profile of software-defined radio stations of BAE Systems

3.1.5 Software-defined BAE Systems radios Product specification

3.2 Datasoft Corporation Software Defined Radios Business Introduction

3.2.1 Software-defined radio broadcasts of Datasoft Corporation, prices, revenues and gross profit 2014-2019

3.2.2 Software defined business distribution of Datasoft Corporation by regions

3.2.3 Recording an interview

3.2.4 Datasoft Corporation Software Defined Radios Business Overview

3.2.5 Datasoft Corporation Software Defined Radios Product Specification

3.3 Business introduction of software-defined radio stations of the ITT corporation

3.3.1 Software-defined radio broadcasts, prices, revenues and gross profit of ITT Corporation 2014-2019.

3.3.2 Business distribution of ITT Corporation’s software-defined radio stations by region

3.3.3 Recording an interview

3.3.4 Business Overview of ITT Corporation Software Defined Radios

3.3.5 ITT Corporation Software Defined Radios Product Specification

3.4 L3 Communications Corporation Software Defined Radios Business Introduction

3.5 Elbit Systems Ltd Software Defined Radios Business Introduction

3.6 Harris Corporation Software Defined Radio Stations Introduction Business ……………… Request a free sample to get a complete table of contents

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