Who holds Togo’s external debt?



STARTING A BUSINESS (more information)

Fifteenth in the world and first in Africa, under Starting a business index of the ranking for doing business for 2020, Togo maintains its reformative dynamics with more reforms ….


Compared to a few years ago, when it was one of the lowest ranked in terms of performance of business contracts, Togo, using a lot of efforts to improve its business climate, managed to jump significantly on the index in recent years … .


Establishment of special chambers of commerce for small debts • Establishment of chambers of commerce in the Court of Appeal • Civil and commercial cases now heard by individual employees • Establishment of commercial courts in Lomé and Kara • Lawyers and bailiffs now have access to the FORSETI COMMERCIAL platform • A maximum period of 100 days has been set for settling a commercial dispute.

TRADE CROSS – BORDERS (more information)

Compared to previous years,Togo significantly improved its ranking below“Cross-border trade” indicator through the adoption of a number of reforms, focusing mainly on digitization and reduction of delays, for import and export procedures related to imports and exports.

Compared to previous years, Togo significantly improved its ranking in “Cross-border trade” index by adopting a number of reforms, focusing mainly on digitization and reducing delays, for import and export import and export procedures.

CONSTRUCTION PERMIT (more information)

After moving from 133rd to 127th under the Doing Business 2020 building permit index, Togo intends to repeat this feat in the next edition of the global rankings. To this end, it has introduced a number of reforms this year.

GETTING ELECTRICITY (more information)

Over the last two years, Togo’s ranking of “Electricity and Water” in Doing Business has been steadily increasing. Thanks to this presentation of a number of reforms aimed at facilitating business access to electricity and water, Lomé plans to introduce even more reforms this year to continue to improve.

PROPERTY REGISTRATION (more information)

Of all the Doing Business indicators, property registration is where Togo has improved the most since 2018. In fact, after spending years at the bottom of that ranking, the country is now striving to beat Rwanda, which has the best results in this index in Africa. To do this, Lomé is introducing many reforms, the last batch being implemented this year.

PROCUREMENT (more information)

From professionalisation to digitalisation, through legislation, the Togolese public procurement framework is constantly being modernized. Several reforms have been implemented to improve the sector greatly for the benefit of the private sector, which is the focus of the National Development Plan.


To improve its business environment, Togo has introduced some important reforms related to the payment of taxes and duties. From replacing some taxes to repealing others through exemptions, the country has only one goal: to offer the most attractive tax framework for investors and economic operators. To achieve this, the authorities relied on digitalization.