Artificial intelligence and multi-domain operations (podcast)

The second episode of Shephard Studio’s artificial intelligence in the Battlefield podcast, sponsored by our partner Systel, takes a closer look at AI’s military applications.

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The United States and its allies today focus on multi-domain operations, also known as Joint Command and Control of All Domains.

In simple words, the concept calls for platforms and systems on land, sea, air, space and cyber to increasingly interact and support each other.

Artificial intelligence will be vital for this future, collecting and manipulating vast amounts of data to make information useful to military personnel.

But what will this mean for the combat environment and what tangible benefits will it bring?

In the second episode of AI in the Battlefield podcast, we look at the practical capabilities and challenges of AI on the battlefield.

Technology can change the military environment by significantly relieving the burden on human personnel. But this is only an advantage when operators can quickly analyze and share the right data with the right person at the right time.

And the same destructive AI / ML technology pursued by the United States and its allies could be an advantage for adversaries like China – if they get there first.