Elbit Systems introduces portable tactical SATCOM system

Israel-based defense company Elbit Systems has introduced a portable tactical satellite communications system (SATCOM) that will provide the armed forces with secure communications capabilities on the go.

The E-LynX-Sat system includes a mobile terminal weighing less than 1 kg, which connects to the Elbit Systems E-LynX Def Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution to enable communication.

Equipped with miniature phase array antennas and a unique satellite communication modem, the E-LynX-Sat uses standard Ka and Ku-band geostationary satellites to ensure secure transmission.

The solution is also integrated with beam management, error correction software and data compression protocols.

In particular, the E-LynX-Sat can be used by infantry and maneuver forces to keep secure services in motion, voice and data.

The solution allows communication across all geographical locations and terrain types, within a range of hundreds of kilometers.

Elbit Systems C4I and Cyber ​​Division Vice President Oren Sabag said: “Access to stable long-range voice and data communication is a critical operational capability for infantry and maneuvering forces.

“Until now, this capability required the use of expensive and heavy SATCOM equipment that did not interact smoothly with their tactical radio or command and control systems, limiting their reception and effectiveness.”

The company recently demonstrated the system during the British Army’s 2020 military experiment.

Sabag added: “Overcoming key challenges in military networks, including size and weight reduction as well as automatic tracking, this additional SATCOM solution offers a significant improvement in the operational efficiency of the growing customer base of the E-LynX SDR solution.”

Last month, BAE Systems has partnered with Elbit Systems of America, a subsidiary of the Israeli company, for the development of modern operational technologies for combat vehicles.