Israel’s Rafael Unveils Palm-Sized BNET NANO Software Defined Radio

Image about Israel's Rafael Unveils Palm-Sized BNET NANO Software Defined Radio

Israeli firm Rafael has introduced BNET NANO software defined radio and will showcase the same in the upcomig AUSA 2021 in Washington from 11-13 October.

“Our solution, encapsulated in a box the size of a soldier’s palm is a breakthrough that can address many tactical programs that have previously run into capacity restrictions. This technology finally enables the capacity and connectivity of hundreds of units, without burdening the soldier with several communication boxes that all require SWaP, �? Amihai Dekel, BD Director at Rafael’s C3I directorate.

Based on the company’s Multi-Channel Reception (MCR) technology, it brings unprecedented network capacity in terms of data rates and number of users, minimal delay, and support for “flat” networks with hundreds of members.

BNET cognitively manages scarce spectrum resources, providing seamless force merge with minimal planning and efficient spectrum usage. The radio works in GPS-denied areas, a growingly typical scenario in today’s battlefield. BNET is able to sense and avoid spectrum interference and operates as a LPI / LPD device in dense environments.

VP, Yoav Wermuth, head of Rafael’s C3I directorate: “The BNET NANO radio is a significant advancement to soldiers and platforms that are very weight and power aware. Rafael’s BNET MCR patent has been integrated into a small form factor allowing the operation of several voice groups, data streams and video, all in a single device. The MCR technology breaks the paradigm of a radio that has single channels, and allows the simultaneous reception of dozens of channels. ”

BNET is a lightweight radio unit enabling point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topology and an Ad Hoc Mesh Network, supporting complete brigade area-of operation connectivity with a unique SDR full IP design.

BNET NANO will be exhibited in upcoming international defense shows, including AUSA Washington DC, SITDEF Peru, Expodefensa in Colombia, FEINDEF in Spain, ADEX Korea and others.