Live asset tracking for mobile military operations

Barrett Communications 4077’s Map & Track High Frequency (HF) solution provides advanced live asset tracking using the HF radio signal needed for deployed mobile teams. It allows efficient management and improved operations in the marine and land environment.

Barrett Communications’ business development manager, Jason O’Keefe, explains the new 4077 HF map and tracking system. “Previous high-frequency tracking solutions required a base station to request a GPS position and then obtain this information before showing the location of the asset. The time required to do so limited the number of assets that could be tracked or how often an item could be updated. “

Live situation for mobile assets

The Barrett 4077 HF Map & Track solution uses a unique GPS Push feature, in which the asset automatically sends its GPS location to the tracking station. This significantly reduces location update time and allows for more regular tracking and / or updating of more assets.

The new tracking system also allows the use of open source maps for end users. This significantly affects the total cost of the system. “It has recently been identified as a key end-user advantage in India,” O’Keefe said.

Barrett 4077 HF Map & Track has tools for monitoring mobile assets, including user-defined zones for zoning safe regions, exclusion zones and routes. The identified data is displayed in the mapping software with superimposed color areas that do not disturb the map display, ensuring that the system is easy to operate.

“It’s useful for fencing off areas you don’t want vehicles or vessels entering,” O’Keefe said. “Provides accurate traffic data and can also provide previous routes or routes traveled by an operator-defined time interval.

“You can also put geoprotection around a friendly headquarters and let it notify the friendly headquarters when one of their vehicles reaches an area. Everything is designed to keep field operatives safe.

Automated GPS transmission for tracking mobile assets

The Barrett 4077 HF & Track is designed to interact coherently with the Barrett 4050 HF SDR, which automates GPS transmission. The GPS push feature offers automatic transmission of multi-channel encrypted GPS data, which is used to display the received position of the tracking software.

There are multiple operating scenarios for the Barrett 4077 Map & Track, with a single transceiver setup for the base station, as well as multiple receiver base stations, allowing for even faster location updates.

4077 Map & Track has been successfully implemented for four months with a commercial operation in Indonesia.

Barrett Communications offers specialized military communications equipment that can be used to provide secure connections for mobile and base teams located in remote locations. The company has an extensive portfolio of adaptive communication systems designed to improve military and commercial operations around the world. Solutions can be found for a number of applications, including high frequency and ultrahigh very high frequencies (UVHF) for long or short distance deployment.

The company’s latest offering, the tactical radio frequency radio PRC-4090, was previewed at DSEI in London, UK, in September as an improved replacement for Barrett’s 2090 radio.