Mr. M V Gowtama, Bharat Electronics Limited CMD, retires

Mr. MV Goutama, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), is retiring today (June 30, 2021) to retire after a famous career at BEL that lasted more than 38 years.

Mr MV Gowtama, CMD, BEL, retires today (30 June 2021), retired after a famous career at BEL that lasted more than 38 years

New Delhi: Innovative and fast thinking, leading in front, highly informed with remarkable memory, excellent communication skills, cool and calm behavior and dynamics are the hallmarks of Mr. Gowtama MV, CMD, BEL.

Mr. MV Goutama, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), is retiring today (June 30, 2021) to retire after a famous career at BEL that lasted more than 38 years.

Mr. Gowtama joined BEL in the Ghaziabad division in January 1983 as a testing engineer after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications from Sri Venkateswara University College, Tirupati, in 1983. He was transferred to the Hyderabad unit in May 1986

Mr. Gowtama was one of the founding members of BEL’s Hyderabad division, established in 1986 to serve the highly specialized e-war business segment. He contributed to the design, development, production, installation and commissioning of the first large PE system manufactured in the country.

Although extremely busy, Mr. Gowtama received a master’s degree in advanced electronics from Jawaharlal Nehru University of Technology, Hyderabad, in 2002.

Mr Gowtama took over as General Manager (Technology Planning) at BEL’s corporate office on 1 February 2010. Under his leadership, a knowledge management portal was set up. He contributed to the development of a comprehensive R&D guide and R&D vision document. He initiated the joint R&D initiative.

Mr. Gowtama later served as General Manager (Military Communications) / BEL-Bengaluru Department, where he oversaw the development and production of Software Defined Radio (SDR) for the Defense Forces. He was the Executive Director (Missile Systems) of the Bengaluru Unit of BEL before taking over as Chairman and Managing Director on 8 November 2016.

During his tenure, BEL increased by CAGR of 12%. Under his leadership, BEL achieved a significant turnover of Rs 13,818 in FY 2020-21, despite the challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic and intense competition. Under his dynamic leadership, BEL’s order book is growing at a healthy pace. BEL’s order book is over 53,000 Rs. 30,000 ICU fans delivered to the Indian government to fight the pandemic in record time are a feather in his hat.

It plays an important role in doing business in the defense-free segment – internal security solutions, smart city, energy storage products, including electronic vehicle charging stations, solar energy, space electronics, including satellite integration, network and cybersecurity, railway and metro solutions, airport solutions, medical electronics, composites and software solutions. He created new strategic business units and micro SBUs to deal with these new areas.

Mr. Gowtama has established strategic partnerships with leading global players as well as in the local segment for long-term growth and business expansion. It has expanded BEL’s global footprint by opening marketing offices in Vietnam, Myanmar, Oman and Sri Lanka.

Mr Gowtama gave more focus to research and development to increase integration and add value to products / systems. BEL’s total investment in research and development as a percentage of turnover is the highest among power supplies.

Mr Gowtama has played an important role in setting up the Product Development and Innovation Center (PD&IC) in Bengaluru.

Mr Gowtama is passionate about increasing staff competence. He advocates for improving their skills for current and future roles. He headed the establishment of the BEL Academy of Excellence. Mr. Gowtama is a champion of corporate social responsibility.

Led by Mr. Gotama, BEL has won numerous prestigious awards, including the CIM EXIM Business Achievement Award (2018) for the Bangalore complex and praise from the jury for organizing role models. Mr. Gowtama won many awards for Outstanding Leader: Business Leader of the Year Award; Chief Executive Officer with Human Orientation Award; Award of the Council of Engineers of India; Great Son of the Soil Award; Manufacturing Today Hall of Fame Award; Amity Leadership Award for Business Excellence and Most Enterprising CEO in the Electronic Sector.

Date of publication: 30-06-21