RF downconverter/tuner for test and measurement in electronic warfare

KANATA, Ontario – ThinkRF Corp. in Kanata, Ontario introduces the D4000 RF Converter / Tuner to allow engineers to analyze new 5G wireless signals quickly and reliably by expanding the range of their existing RF test equipment.

The ThinkRF D4000 RF Converter / Tuner offers a frequency of 24 to 40 GHz, a real-time bandwidth of 500 MHz and a tuning resolution of 100 kHz for applications such as interference trapping, electronic warfare (ONZI), signal intelligence (SIGINT), spectrum monitoring, RF drive test, transmission test and customer equipment test.

The 40 GHz converter / tuner offers a frequency range of 24 to 40 GHz with up to 500 MHz real-time bandwidth for capturing 5G signals from millimeter waves. The ThinkRF compact on / off converter / tuner allows users to upgrade their existing field, laboratory and production testing equipment.

The test and measurement tool is built on software-defined radio (SDR) technologies to extend the frequency range of existing RF signal analyzers from each supplier.

The D4000’s built-in pre-filter eliminates out-of-range signals and allows false attenuation. The calibrated single IF output facilitates the integration of the D4000 with spectrum analyzers or receivers.

Built-in local oscillators eliminate the need for external synthesizers. The open platform also works with ongoing spectrum analysis solutions via standard SCPI control over Ethernet to allow the user to control the device via the spectrum analyzer or computer.

The D4000’s multi-block synchronization capability helps users manage multiple blocks in parallel to coordinate a composite signal monitoring system – especially for broadband monitoring and signal capture.

For more information, contact ThinkRF online at https://thinkrf.com.