Rohde & Schwarz achieves R&S M3SR SDR delivery milestone

The international electronic group based in Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) based in Germany has reached a milestone for the supply of software-defined radios R&S M3SR (SDR).

To date, the company has delivered more than 10,000 R&S M3SR SDRs.

Most of the devices delivered so far include the R&S M3SR 4400 VHF / UHF series radios used for line of sight communication (LOS).

The company’s SDR is highly modular and suitable for stationary and ship communications. They offer secure transmission of military voice and data and support LINK11 and LINK22 transmission methods.

Designed to meet NATO standards, it provides a variety of system interfaces and waveforms, such as standard and patented frequency hopping waves.

To keep existing LOS communication systems up to date, it comes with improved sequential software updates. In addition, updates can be performed through new hardware modules.

Hartmut Jaschke, Executive Vice President of Rohde & Schwarz Secure Communications, said: “By making targeted technical adjustments and improvements, we have been able to continuously meet the needs of our customers and improve our market position.

“Our professional production and production help to ensure quality at the highest level. The high reliability and technical characteristics of the radio are a decisive reason for our customers to choose our SDR. “

The device is manufactured and assembled in a facility in Memmingen, Germany. It is currently used with an international navy, mobile military and civilian air traffic control tower.

The Memmingen production plant has a calibrated laboratory and an antenna test chamber.