AUSA 2021: Allison Transmission to drive US Army vehicle electrification

Allison Transmission will speed up work on the transition of the army’s electric fleet (Photo: Allison Transmission)

The next-generation electrified transmission program will bring many benefits to the U.S. military.

Allison Transmission, in coordination with the U.S. Army’s Ground Vehicle Center, will accelerate the next-generation electrified transmission program.

The program aims to integrate electrification technology into the US Army’s naval vehicle fleet, including tracked IFV and MBT.

Alison will design, develop and approve a system of motor / generator and inverter to be connected to the transmission with tracked vehicles.

Electrified vehicles will provide the military with silent mobility, reduced likelihood of detection and increased survival, export power to on-board and outboard systems, and flexible modes of operation capable of balancing productivity and fuel economy requirements.

The U.S. military is also considering options for new tanks and replacing its heavy wheeled vehicles with a Common Tactical Truck, both of which are likely to rely on electrification.