Canada to launch wargaming course – Training

The strategic war games will take place in Canada. (Photo: Canadian DND)

Canada continues to develop its strategic capabilities for war games and is currently planning courses to promote this training among DND staff.

Speaking this week at the Defense Education, Simulation and Training Conference (DSET) in Bristol, May Scott Roach of the Canadian Center for Military Action’s Joint Career Experiment and Simulation Group told delegates that Canada was about to launch the first your war games course.

“We are a relatively new group that has been around for almost two years and we are now ready to launch what we call our Wargaming 101 course,” Roach explained.

Focusing on the operational and strategic level, the Ottawa-based Joint Wargaming Experimental and Simulation Group has established itself as one of NATO’s leading military organizations and forged strategic partnerships with, for example, the USMC and USAF.

“We have looked at a number of tools (constructive training systems) over the last few years, but because we provide joint war games services, we have found that most of these tools focus only on air, land or sea domains, and this is a challenge. Roach explained.

Most of the group’s work has been done for the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC), the Joint Operations Planning Group (JOPG) and the Canadian College of Forces. The latter provides training for senior Canadian military leaders.

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The CJOC and JOPG exercises have …