HackersEra Aspires To Transform The Landscape Of Cybersecurity Education In a Variety Of Ways

The issue of cybersecurity has always been human. People are the ones who design the exploited products, the people who serve as both defenders and attackers, and the people who are always victims. It seemed logical to me that a human-centered strategy implemented through education would also reduce future risk.

Strengthening our democracy requires training and care for cybersecurity education. This means more informed and knowledgeable cybersecurity researchers who can use technology to innovate without being hindered. This leads to the promotion of a culture that is paramount to safety.

HackersEra University APK: Transforming the Cyber ​​Security Industry

HackersEra is a global IT security training and consulting firm that specializes in solving IT security challenges. It is a widely accepted standard for businesses to protect their products, brands and confidential information from many types of cyberattacks.

Businesses, governments and institutions around the world use the company’s IT security training and consulting services.

“Through our mobile app, we provide cybersecurity training and education for both students and businesses,” said Vikash Chaudhari, CEO and Founder of HackersEra.

Hacker training

One of their well-known courses was pirated online after it was uploaded to a new website a few years ago. As a result, they have incredibly secure applications, such as the HackersEra University APP, to protect their intellectual property.

Everyone wanted to learn from Vikash Chaudhari, but he could not teach them all at once. That’s why HackersEra created this app so that everyone can learn from the world’s best cybersecurity researcher.

Vikash Chaudhari’s great innovation in courses!

This year Vikash Chaudhary decided to create ten or more courses.

Some of his extremely popular courses are:

SDR operation: Software-defined radio operation in operation for pentesters

Dynamic bug hunting course (Hunter 2.0)

Offensive API Penetration Testing: Dynamic API Pentesting Course

Offensive approach to hunting mistakes: Manual course for catching bug heads

HackersEra Students around the world

“Over the years, our courses have trained over 3 million people; “They are extremely popular in the field of cybersecurity and are now in trend in 133 countries,” Vikash was quoted as saying.

Cybersecurity best practices

Cybersecurity best practices include things like being careful while engaging in online activities, complying with workplace rules, and seeking help if you come across something suspicious.

“In our courses, we cover 90% of the practical ones, encouraging learners to understand the real surfaces of attack.”

Upcoming goals for cybersecurity training at HackersEra

According to Vikash Chaudhari, “We will soon launch our site for staffing and pooling cybersecurity resources, allowing each company to borrow resources from us or hire the best candidates for cybersecurity. We will test the knowledge, achievements and talents of each cybersecurity candidate. In addition, we will exchange resource profiles with organizations to obtain the best cybersecurity resources. For the past year, we have been working on HackersEra University certification to provide a certificate to those who want to take our certification, and we will release it soon. “

Considering that cybersecurity certification is expensive and many freshmen do not have the financial resources to look for it, the HackersEra team has developed a legitimate certification system for them. Participants will earn certification after passing four levels.

1. Multiple choice questions

2. Technical discussion with the jury of HackersEra University

3. Security testing as an intern at HackersEra for a project [ Basically, participants must work on live HackersEra projects, and they must also sign an NDA]

4. Opportunities for writing reports

Participants will earn FREE HackersEra University Certificates in their chosen pentes services after clearing all four stages.